Hi! I am Farella Guido and I want to give you some informations about me. I am 56 years old, I live and work in Italy, near Urbino. 

I moved to this area in 2006 coming from Torre del Greco, nearby Naples, the city where I was born and where I lived most of my life. I graduated in 1974 from the Art School of Naples and then I graduated as medalist in Rome.

Since childhood I have found in designing a mode of expression exciting and rewarding. Over the years, and also through the education, painting has become an integral part of my life and I spent more time on it than any other activity. Even more than the sale of the pictures, I was interested in drawing with them the path of my inner life; and often through painting I could offset those concerns and trials which my not easy social life was causing me.

Yes, because I am a complex person, real demanding and meticulous. And if I do not find suitable conditions to feel good together, I prefer solitude, or the recollection of myself. Over the years I have learned to live these moments with optimism and creativity, being able to derive substantial benefits from them: yoga, meditation, prayer, rooting in my spiritual life and, above all, listening to my deep needs and detach from ephemeral ones, from which however often, unfortunately, we all depend.  

Since I moved to Urbino another wonderful new has found its way into my art space. After the School of Medal in 1976, I had not looked at the modeling of the clay as a medium to be educated; I never dedicated to it enough attention, I only had sporadic and random occasion to practise it. But here I was able to attend various workshops of ceramics, in which I found the right help and skills for endowing myself of those bases, primarily technical, necessary to carry out the work that I present in the Gallery (paintings - sculptures) of this site. It is an experience still very young compared to my age and to the many years so far devoted to music and painting. That's why I'm getting from it all those emotions we get when we gradually cross forward from childhood to adulthood.

How my maturity as a sculptor will be? Sometimes I wonder about it. For the moment though I have only this results to offer, and you have to take them as they are.

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